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Social Mela is an E-magazine which works beyond the purpose of Entertainment.

It attempts to break the stereotype of people far and wide about the critical image they hold of Bihar.

Based in the city of Bihar, Social Mela caters to the various different genre such as Lifestyle, Food, Travel, Literature, Photography, and off-beat articles in the main.

It not only caters to written articles but also brings to the people the factual concepts of societies through the medium of efficiently made videos.

It remains highly active on the social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

It has more than 7300 followers on Facebook and more than 2500 on Instagram.

It extends offers to its viewers to join them in the video and also its other activities.

It also extends a hearty welcome to all the people who wish to join us on our journey for bringing out the positivity of our state.