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Today, many companies are allocating most of their advertising budget to promote their products and/or services online. Although internet marketing has been proven effective to boost revenues through online visits and purchases, it is vital for business owners to understand that traditional marketing methods like print advertisements are necessary to maximize profit and gain new customers especially if they are running a local shop.

Print ads are often underrated but highly effective form of advertising that has been used since centuries ago. If you are a startup owner who plans to succeed in your marketing campaign, using print advertisements is a good fire-start as a part of your branding efforts.

Below are some types of promotional prints that can effectively boost your brand.

Brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, and flyers seem to have the same face, but they are different in their own special ways. A brochure can be a mini-booklet, folded sheet or single sheet of paper that contains essential information about the business and the products/services it provides. Because of its small size, the material is very easy to distribute. Brochures can be handed to customers, can be displayed in a rack outside your store, or can be directly mailed to prospects.

Business Cards

These small cards can help your business more than just a leaving a contact detail. When effectively designed, it can encourage brand retention at a personal level. This is a cost-effective material to give out to your acquaintances and even friends. Do not forget to place your business name, a tagline, a picture or a logo on your business card. If you don’t have a logo, ask your graphic team to design you one.


Newsletters are the smaller version of newspapers. It is a regular publication sponsored by a business, organization, or government body that aims to reach out to people. Newsletter is an effective marketing tool. It can help businesses gain loyal following by offering useful and practical information related to the product offered.

Banners, Posters, Billboards

Established and startup businesses cannot disregard the value of these types of large format prints. People would love to read that your store is offering seasonal discounts or currently has products on sale.

Billboards, on the other hand, might be expensive for startups considering its size. However, you can always use its advantage to awaken the awareness of a larger group of people. Billboards creatively designed and printed can leave a positive impression for your business.

These types of print materials can do wonder for your business if conceptualized by a competitive graphic design team. Choosing the right hands to work on your branding projects can make a great difference on the results.


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